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RACKS Oilfield operates with the most advanced technology and equipment to supply the most reliable industrial and oilfield services to Alberta & Saskatchewan,  providing industry experience and professional results at competitive rates. Whether you need Hydrovac services or line locating, we are greatly prepared to serve our clients. You can rely on our services, tools, equipment and exceptionally trained personnel to get the job done!

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RACKS Oilfield operates 24/7 to supply our Canadian Oil Patch and industrial clients with the most advanced technology, equipment and manpower. In order to deliver superior speed, safety and cost efficiency, we are constantly adding new technologies and equipment to our inventory.

16 Years Experience in the Industry Serving Our Community With Reliable Service

Established in 2006, RACKS Oilfield service is an independent oilfield services business based out of Wainwright, Alberta. We offer over 80 years of combined experience in both the oil and construction industries. Over the past 16 years, we have added to our fleet of equipment to service our customers with some of the newest technology available. We may be small but we can accomplish big things for you, while not compromising safety. You can always expect exceptional service at the most affordable prices.

Top Priority: Customer Satisfaction Safety on Site Quality Work

Our vision for RACKS is to supply high quality work that meets our customers satisfaction while maintaining a safe work environment for our employees and everyone else on site! This starts with our professionally trained crew members and ends with a job well done. So, we want to hear how we’ve done! Reach out to us with any raves, or concerns!

Safety is Always a Top Priority

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RACKS has it’s SECOR and is on ISNET and Comply works.

Manpower & Equipment

For Alberta Oil Fields And Construction Fields